Things to look for When Selecting Travel Expense Management Software


With fears of another global recession looming large, companies and organizations who have already cut down their business travel budgets are in a fix as to how to achieve better travel spend analysis  without further budget cuts. Enterprises and organizations can no longer close their eyes to its immense benefits as studies and researches have proved time and again the positive effects of face-to-face meetings on businesses. To be brief, business meetings lead to business deals and business expansion, which lead to increased job opportunities, which finally culminates in better economies. Hence, with recession in the offing, companies would be taking a huge risk by reducing business travel budgets as a means to cut down superfluous spending.

Instead of taking pointless decisions that bring forth huge losses than gains in the long run, companies and enterprises should look at ways to better their business travel management. Any enterprise or company is concerned about how to lower direct travel costs, accelerate employee’s travel administration, and ensure strict adherence to internal rules and policies. Earlier it would have been a difficult task but today the availability of travel expense management software has made things much easier.

However, with myriads of options available to enterprises and companies, selecting the perfect one is a bit of a chance.  Therefore, let’s look at the fundamental aspects that need to be looked at before taking the pick.

Ease of Use
· User-friendly interface
· Anytime, anywhere access via browser
· Seamless integration with other systems such as HR and accounting
· Personal language choices

Enhanced Control
· Compliance with laws and tax regulations
· Strict adherence to company’ travel policies
· Management of the entire travel-related purchase-to-pay process
· Follow up for effective cost control
· Role-based information for authorized users
· Real-time information
· Company and traveler profile management

Improved Customer Satisfaction
· Preintegrated network of travel-related suppliers such as credit card companies, banks, travel account providers, international booking systems, hotels and hotel sites, travel agents, airlines, rail companies, car rental companies, and taxi companies
· Fast practical analysis and reporting
· Faster turnaround time for business travel expenses
· Automated reconciliation and accounting of travel account invoice data with travel provider invoice/delivery note data
· Faster travel claim approval process
· Process purchase transactions from credit cards
· No time consuming repetitive manual tasks

To be brief, select effective travel expense management  software that helps to achieve end-to-end visibility and control of travel management and business travel expenses.


Discover Penang Malaysia – Hotels and Travel Tips

Penang Island should be in your itinerary when you visit South East Asia. You will discover Penang a truly fascinating destination for local delicacies, shopping, recreation, nightlife, and sightseeing. For whatever purpose of your visit, the island will never disappoint you or run short of activities to entertain you and your whole family for the days and the nights. Georgetown, the state capital of Penang, has the oldest municipal history in Malaysia, and it is included in the listing of the World Heritage site by Unesco.

The Island has some of the world’s most beautiful white sandy beaches. It is the country’s most visited island beach resort. It has a long stretch of beaches at the northern island shoreline, extending from Gurney Drive to Tanjung Bungah, to Batu Ferringhi and to Teluk Bahang. This is the ground for many luxury beach resorts, restaurants, water sport activities and shopping centers.

Malaysia is a multi racial country, and it was a British colony before year 1957. Therefore Penang is very rich in western and local cultures. You can taste a great variety of western and local cuisines prepared by the different ethnic groups. Penang is well known as a food paradise. It was rated by Time Magazine for having the best side stall food in Asia. The locals speak English fluently, and there is no barrier to communicate in the streets.

There is a wide range of hotels in Penang Malaysia. The hotels are scattered around the island, and the most popular locations are at the Gurney Drive, the Batu Ferringhi beach and in the heart of the downtown. The room price usually varies according to different time of year and the hotel’s location. The best way to get a special deal in Penang Malaysia is to compare hotels’ pricing at different travel sites. If you are staying at Batu Ferringhi beach, be sure to stay at a hotel that offers free shutter service to the city landmarks and to the famous shopping malls. It will take anyway between 35 to 60 minutes to travel from hotels in Batu Ferringhi to the popular shopping malls. Among the famous malls are The Queensbay Mall, The Gurney Plaza and The Komtar shopping complex.

Safety Tips for Business Travelers

As a business traveler you have got return to depend upon wireless web service. Irrespective of where you access the web you must have real privacy concerns. It solely makes sense to utilize proxy servers when you utilize public WIFI networks. Privacy is very important regardless of what laptop you employ, but it becomes crucially important when you’re using a laptop owned by your company. When you employ proxy servers you’ll safely surf whereas traveling for work plus conduct necessary company and private business knowing your info is secure. As a result of you travel a lot of for business possibilities are really smart that you have had to use public WIFI networks to do your work. Whether you’re working out of a coffee shop, a hotel or perhaps a bar at the airport you wish to know that your computer is safe and secure. You definitely do not need to show your company’s servers to malevolent forces.

Using a proxy server will facilitate avoid potential security problems and is straightforward to do. You may be ready to safely answer emails, send reports, and analysis your competition whereas faraway from the home office. It solely makes sense to try and do everything you’ll to ensure you’ll get your work done on your business trip. You may want to go to a rustic that exercises extreme forms of censorship over its citizen’s internet activities. You’ll want to create positive you can get around those firewalls in order to stay closely connected to your office and your family. Employing a proxy server makes perfect sense in this situation. You’ll be able to safely surf the web, visit blocked sites and conduct necessary business knowing that their government isn’t watching your each keystroke. You certainly do not need to be out of the data loop while you’re away. It is simple update your social networking sites, read your hometown newspapers and complete industry news when you are taking the required steps before you permit town. Let’s face it, after you travel for work you also conduct personal business on your company’s computer. With a proxy server you’ll be able to rest assured that your boss will not know what sites you’ve got visited while faraway from the office. There is no reason to vary your surfing habits just because you’re not using your own computer. You’ll safely check your bank accounts, manage your fantasy sports groups or watch TV shows online free from worry. Your personal activities stay personal and nobody can track your internet use. As a business traveler it’s an excellent plan to utilize proxy servers while using the corporate laptop. You are a lot of usually than not forced to use public WIFI networks to access the web while away. These are notoriously unsafe and using them can place your company servers at risk. You wish to conduct your business free from worry and proxy servers are a nice means to do it. When you have to go to countries that prohibit internet use, this can be a great manner to induce around those firewalls. You’ll also be sure that your personal net use on company-owned laptops isn’t tracked. A proxy server keeps your personal data and activities safe too.

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