Corporate Travel Management Now Easy with Expense Management Software


There was a time when companies favored face-to-face meetings to establish, maintain and grow business relations. But when the economic and market conditions became volatile and unpredictable the companies and enterprises were forced to look for green pastures. The advancements in communication technology in the form of internet, email, VOIP, video conferencing, and so on made companies to look at technology as a less expensive replacement for face-to-face meetings. Advocates of virtual meetings considered it as a great time and money saver.  But the fact of the matter is however cost effective or time saving option virtual meetings might be, nothing can replace the human elements that is ingrained in face-to-face meetings. These human elements go a long way in developing mutual trust, good faith and confidence, which no amount of virtual meetings can bring about. Hence, in today’s global business environment, business travels are the indispensable tools for building and fostering business relationships.

It is a fact that in a slow economy steps must be taken to cut back on costs but it should never be at the cost of company’ potential growth prospects. Business travel is definitely one of the largest corporate costs but rather than reducing business travel budgets, a proper management of business travel expenses can do the trick. Instead of taking extreme cost cutting measures that impede company’s progress and development, enterprises should look at effective business travel management to facilitate continuous growth and development.

In today’ tight unpredictable economy, most companies and enterprises cut down business travel budgets as a means to tide over financial crisis. Such a move do more harm than good since  studies have proved that those companies that increase their business travels during economic slowdown succeed in making new business deals than those who cut down business travels. Hence, what is required is the development of business travel management as a core function of businesses. This would help companies to

· Properly manage company’ travel policy
· Negotiate shrewdly with vendors
· Efficiently manage day-to-day activities of the corporate travel program
· Ensure adequate levels of safety and security for travelers
· Proper credit-card management
· Effective management of  travel and expenses (T&E) data

More and more companies are now depending on expense management software for effective corporate travel management. This helps them to lower direct travel costs, to speed up employee’s travel administration, to ensure that internal rules and policies are followed, and to achieve better travel spend analysis.

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Resources for International Business Travelers

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you know that it can be both exciting and a little bit scary, as well. Everyone speaks a different language, has different customs…it’s no wonder that travelers often find themselves coming down with “culture shock.”


Now, can you imagine going through all of that on a business trip? Yikes! Fortunately for business travelers, there are a variety of resources available to help make international business trips less of a hurdle. Let’s take a look:




If you’re visiting another country for business reasons, you may need to obtain a visa in advance. Often, this is even the case in countries that allow American tourists to apply for their visas in the airport when they arrive. Visa requirements vary greatly from country to country and can change frequently, so this is one area where it’s important to have expert assistance.

Consider contacting a reputable business agency to assist you – they can let you know what visas you need and what documents are required.


Language Software and Apps


Being able to speak the local language, even imperfectly, can go a long way toward making your international business trip easier. These days, there’s no need to sign up for an actual language course: software programs like Mango and Rosetta Stone make it easy to learn on your own time. Bootstrapping entrepreneurs who don’t want to pay for the software package can often get access via a local library. Meanwhile, translation apps like WordLens help you cope even in situations where your language skills are sub par.


Culture Guides


Becoming familiar with the quirks of the local culture is one of the most important steps you can take before any international business trip.

The way you’re expected to conduct yourself in another country may be quite different from the way you conduct yourself at home. has a set of free guides that can help you with the basics of doing business in another country.


Passport Expediting


You’ll definitely want to make sure that you have a valid passport before you travel. State Department processing times are six weeks for normal processing and three weeks for expedited processing, but you might not know about a business trip until the last possible moment. Passport agency offices are not located in every city or even every state, and busy executives often don’t have time to travel. In that case, you may wish to use a private passport expediting company like RushMyPassport. Expediting companies carry your application directly to the State Department for processing in as little as 24 hours.


Hotel Booking Made Simpler with Travel Agencies

When it comes to getting lost in the land of beautiful sunrises and overwhelming sunsets, no one can deny the mesmerizing city of blue and unfathomable ocean embraced by never ending stretch of green foliages – Pattaya. Not only for nature enthusiasts, this place has great attractions for party animals as well. So, do you want to explore this mesmerizing city full of breathtaking landscapes and neon lighted night life? Pack your bags and head towards this place. Wait… before you reach there, start your hotel hunt – it is better to pre-plan your trip. For this you need to look for a reputable travel agent – who will help you in planning your trip in an organized way.

Due to the increase in the number of tourists with every passing day, travel agencies are also mushrooming day by day. That is why you won’t find it difficult to locate a travel agency operating in your state, but then – be careful before zeroing in on a particular travel agency.

This is because the world is full of many self centered people – who in order to make profit make fake promises to their clients. However, if you search the market properly, you will also find some good professionals – who live up to their claims.

Here are few tips given below. They might help you find a reliable and well – established travel agency. Happy reading!

* You should select a travel agency where you won’t be asked to provide details about your credit card.

* It would be better for you if you choose a travel agency where you won’t be asked to make prepayments for booking in advance.

* You should look for a company offering guaranteed low rates.

* You should look for a travel agency hiring some of the best travel agents who will help you understand different packages available with them.

* You should look for a travel agency – serving its clients for more than 15 years.

* You should select a travel agency registered with the following

  * Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
  * Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
  * Kasikorn Bank Accreditation
  * Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)

So, now you may have got some useful ideas about selecting a travel agency for planning a trip to Pattaya. Hotel booking is one of the main considerations you should not forget while booking your trip. However, this can be done easily with a respectable travel agency.

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